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About Us


Coming to life in 1995, right at the peak of post liberalization of market economy, Arcadia became a major contributor to the economic growth and has been able to carve a very steady future for all its investors. Providing services in financial recommendations and investments, Arcadia has a continuous ever expanding base of customers who have come to trust it over the years. Offering services in Portfolio Management and Financial Investments, online trading and a hawks-eye view over shares and stock broking has left us with extreme expertise in handling the risks involved.

Investment growth and its Importance
Earning a couple of millions may seem a do-able thing with the multitude of options today, but ensuring that every penny earned is doubled becomes a task! It is only those people who know how to invest effectively that can make more money. This entire process needs a meticulous step by step planning and is best handled by an Expert. This is what we at do at Arcadia. We let you earn and invest your earnings in better prospects making it easy for you to focus on earning while we handle the investments for you!

Why Us?
We have been handling finances and investments for a long time and the hefty experience makes our experts the best in the domain area of Investments and the subsequent Growth. We at Arcadia also understand that each individual would have his own earning and investment patterns, which are primarily governed by the per-annum influx of money, and the liabilities that are targeted at the end of the maturity term. Years of association with all types of investors has also made us understand the fact that different people have different types of reactions when it comes to handling money matters. This is why we believe in offering the best services to you; customized as per your needs and requirements. We offer individual plans to suit your needs and do not focus on one standardized investment plan!

Contact us now and we will have a Financial Expert meet you at your preferred time and location and offer the various options available to you. And guarantee highly profitable investments for your hard earned money!